Join industry leaders, developers, and leading investors at The Blockchain Masterclass Dubai

A blockchain is a shared, encrypted ledger that is maintained by a network of computers. These computers verify transactions—in the case of Bitcoin, the transfer of cryptocurrency between individual users. Each user can access the ledger, and there is no single authority. Advocates say the technology could be especially promising in industries where networks of peers depend on shared sets of data.

Blockchain allows multiple different parties to securely interact with the same universal source of truth.

Like the Internet in its beginnings, the future of blockchain is hard to predict, and while most of the attention has centered around the impact on finance, applications to other sectors are growing exponentially. This suggests that rather than being a disruptive technology that threatens the viability of incumbents in certain industries, the blockchain is a “foundational”  technology that has become the basis for much deeper changes in the way society organizes economic and political activities.

Join industry leaders, developers, and leading investors at The Blockchain Masterclass on 15 November in Dubai to discuss all the opportunities, challenges and exciting possibilities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged using this technology.

The Masterclass Instructor, Suhail Basit, Director of Technology, Synechron, brings in global Financial Services and Technology background along with proven business acumen. He has spearheaded technology initiatives in advanced areas like High-Frequency Algorithmic Trading, Predictive Analytics and Automated Settlements for financial majors such as Merrill Lynch and Bank of New York in UK and USA.

In his latest endeavor, Suhail has set up the Middle East business for a global financial services technology company – from zero to multi-million dollars in annual revenue.

The Masterclass also invites industry guest speaker, Fadwa Mohanna, co-founder of micity. Fadwa is a blockchain advisor and coach to fortune 500 companies. She is a speaker on the opportunities and implications of blockchain to the existing legacy financial, banking, insurance and many other ecosystems.

Topics covered during the masterclass include introduction and fundamentals of blockchain successful projects using blockchain, future of identity, ethereum and solidity, linux foundation’s hyperledger project and more.

If you are interested to learn about blockchain and its potential, then this masterclass is for you!

Early bird Pass ($100 discount)

Blockchain Masterclass, 15 November, 2017, Dubai The Standard Pass is for $545. All registrations before 5th November, get a $100 off and pay just $445.



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